Dancero is a Web3 Learn-to-Earn platform using dance as a trojan horse to further crypto adoption in Latin America. It is built on top of an active community of students and instructors in the four biggest Colombian cities (Medellin, Cali, Cartagena & Bogotá).

Our students & instructors don’t have access to sound financial products to park their savings. By educating them on decentralized finance and enabling payments and withdrawals through a decentralized application unlocked by NFTs, the Dancero project is to become a Latin American crypto pioneer in a continent where dance, and especially salsa, is an ideal trojan horse. 

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The team is currently developing a web3 platform so students can join dance courses, find private dance instructors, and pay for their classes using crypto. Instructors have their own dashboard to invest that income in DeFi protocols or withdraw to a fiat-based account. 

The web3 platform is gamified through a learn-to-earn mechanism: upon completion of a class or a course, students earn our governance and utility token. $DCO can then be staked to earn platform fees, or used to pay for more classes.

Other use cases for the $DCO token include the ability for the highest earners to qualify for our quarterly dance bootcamps in Colombia, and vote on governance proposals.

The community has been operating for the last four years, and already enjoys a steady stream of income through a commission-based system on private dance classes. 

Dancero will turn our community into a decentralized autonomous organization. The income from virtual and physical dance classes will be split between the dance instructors and the community treasury. The income from NFT royalties will also go to the community treasury. 

Once our web3 platform is up-and-running, we will launch the governance and utility token, which will be used to pay for classes and services on the platform. The launch will include an airdrop for NFT holders, with a larger share going to the original minters. 

Ultimately, similar to protocols like Curve and Aave, members will be able to vote on proposals to allocate budget to different initiatives such as dance classes, dance parties, and dance trips. 

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NFTs created as simple avatars to “flex” are just the beginning of the NFT revolution, and we’re setting out to explore how digital ownership can be used in real-world, old school,  brick-and-mortar industries like ours.

To that end, the first thing every Dancero owner gets is full access to our growing online video courses, based on a dance and style combination (salsa, bachata etc.) and divided by level. See an example here. Our program is designed for people anywhere in the world. We already have over 100 videos available in Google Classroom, which will continue to grow and later will be accessible through our Decentraland dance school. 

Second, owners will be able to participate in weekly virtual group lessons. The Dancero’s have traits from particular cities and dance styles (for instance Dancero #117 is a salsa dancer from Medellin), and their owners are broken down into groups that follow the traits of their avatar. Which gives everyone a better opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow owners who share their interests.

Third, since the real experience of dance is physical, Dancero owners are invited to join us in our quarterly dance bootcamps in Colombia. You can read more about the dance bootcamps here. Since the access for the owner is based on the city of origin of the Dancero avatar. Owners get to participate with other owners that they already interacted with online.

Considering the utility derived from the ownership of a Dancero, it is likely that our future students will seek to acquire them on the secondary market, which creates a mechanism for price appreciation which will benefit our early supporters. 

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Jan-2023: Setting up dance classes for several Terra NFT communities to generate awareness. Before we have the dancing world using crypto, we”’ll have the crypto world dancing. Classes are organized on a weekly basis and free for NFT owners.

Feb-2023: Minting the first collection of Danceros. Danceros owners can already verify themselves on Discord to get access to our online dance courses, as well as group and private lessons based on their avatars traits.

Mar-2023: Opening an Uber-like web3 application to find private dance instructors, both online and offline. Students pay their tuition fees in UST. Instructors collect their share in UST. Platform fees in UST go to the treasury wallet on Anchor.

Apr-2023: Adding the ability for owners to rent out their Danceros so other people can use the dance-related benefits. Owners can generate passive income while retaining the price exposure to the underlying asset and governance rights.

May-2023: Launching of the $DCO token and airdrop to Danceros holders. The token is used to pay for courses, classes and bootcamps on the platform. It is also used for governance and redistribution of the platform fees.

Jun-2023: Integrating a gamified learn-to-earn mechanism on the web3 platform. Upon completion of specific courses and classes, students are rewarded with $DCO tokens, which can be staked to earn platform fees or used to pay for more classes.

Jul-2023: Setting up a decentralized governance platform to let Danceros owners and $DCO holders vote on proposals and allocate the budget, including the access to online group and private classes and dance bootcamps abroad.

Aug-2023: Organizing the first bootcamp for Dancero owners in Colombia, with the costs covered by the treasury. If the number of interested owners is more than the number of open spots, participants might be chosen through a lottery system.

Sep-2023: Purchasing metaverse land and opening a dance school for virtual dance classes. Possible partnership with a VR company to facilitate access to headsets to the Danceros owners & instructors.

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Lucia is a Colombian salsa and bachata champion who regularly competes on the international stage, most recently in the World Latin Dance Cup where she took first place in the prestigious and very competitive category “Cali-Style Salsa”.

She is the founder of Salsa Classes Colombia, a community of independent dance instructors created in July 2017. The community has over 100 dancers, and up to 1,000 monthly students in Colombia’s biggest cities (Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena & Cali).

Lucia also runs a popular Instagram account where she regularly posts short and easy-to-follow dance tutorials. With Dancero, she hopes to bring her friends and followers in the dance world to crypto.

Graham is a Canadian senior-level executive who received his first bitcoin as rent payment in 2016 and has been hooked on the crypto space ever since. He’s an active member of the VeeFriend community, and is married to a Colombian woman. 

Alejandro is an Argentinean engineer and full-stack developer. With 15 years of experience in software programming and solid connections all over the industry, Alejandro is proficient in all the technical aspects of complex product development.

Santiago is a Colombian illustrator and web-designer. He has over 10 years work experience in the field and a special interest in 3D designs and animations. With Santiago onboard, you can expect all Danceros to go 3D sooner than later.

Angelica is a Colombian HR executive. Latest addition to the team, Angelica’s mission is to find, screen, interview and recruit the best blockchain developers in Latin America. She’s also setting up a YouTube Spanish channel about crypto adoption. 

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Q:Why multiple collections?

A: We want the avatars to be associated with a city where we operate and a dance style we offer. Since we’re only operating in Colombia at the moment, we prefer to mint only a limited number of NFTs from these cities, and mint more as we expand. We expect ten collections over ten the next 10 years, with each expansion providing more benefits to the community.

Q: How will rarity work?

A: Each avatar has a combination of traits, namely hometown, dance skills, dance level, and several physical traits. Rarity is derived from the traits. The traits are also taken into account when accessing the benefits of ownership. For instance, if the Dancero’s hometown is Medellin, the Dancero’s owner will get priority access to the Medellin’s bootcamps.

Q: Are the classes really free forever for owners?

A: All the access and benefits (private & virtual classes, bootcamps etc.) provided to Dancero owners are paid for by the treasury, managed by owners. The amount to which the different experiences will be subsidized will depend on the disposable income of the treasury, which in turn depends on the platform fees from dance classes to regular students, and the NFTs royalty sales. 

Q: Which blockchains will you use?

A: We believe in a multi-chain world and we’d like the Danceros to be available in every corner of the cryptoverse. We expect each new collection to be launched on a new blockchain, meaning the supply per blockchain will be limited to one collection. In addition, we will make sure all Dancero holders can enjoy their benefits across all chains.

Q: Do I have to participate in any class or event?

A: No, you can absolutely own a Dancero and ignore the dance related benefits of ownership. In fact, we’re already thinking of different ways owners could “rent out” their Dancero to let other people enjoy the “dance-related” perks while retaining the non-dance related aspects of ownership such as governance, price appreciation & future project growth. 

Q: Is it beginner friendly?

A: Yes we are, very much so. We know dancing can be very intimidating, so you shouldn’t worry at all. The instructors are highly trained professional dancers who have vast experience in working with beginners. They are able to adapt the lessons to the skill level, needs, and goals of each student. 

Just want to learn to dance?

If you’re not as much into metaverses, cryptos and NFTs as we are, but still want to take online classes or join one of our dance bootcamps in Latin America, you can check out all our options here